Sunday, August 30, 2015

Job Shadowing at Family Search

Hello Family and Friends,
This week has been very interesting and fun at the Family Search Center where we work.  Our week consisted of regular work hours, doctor appointments, p-day, temple and research day as well as a one-day whirlwind trip to LA to visit the Finnish Consulate.

This was our week to job shadow in the Family Search Center at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.  The jobs are receptionist, floor manager, helper, and greeter.  We change jobs every hour. All these jobs serve the people (visiting public) who come into the Family Search Center. The hardest job to change at the end of the hour is the helper because you don't want  to leave your guest to the next helper or alone but it always turns out okay.  There are so many things you have to know and do for each job.  When you are at your post you just have to be alert and know what is going on.  It was all scary at first but we are starting to get the hang of the different jobs.  We still both have a lot to learn about FamilySearch and other genealogy sites like

It is fun to help a guest find an ancestor that they want to find.  It is rewarding to us and our guest when they can find their ancestor.  They get so excited to learn about finding the individual ancestor who is no longer a stranger to them.  We are happy to be learning the tools from the FamilyTree program.  It is a free of charge program where you can build your family tree, pedigree chart, and other features.  It is a place where you can attach pictures, stories, documents, and any worthy material you have to share with the posterity of the person you are researching.

If your ancestor individual is already in the tree you might find interesting stories that other posterity have written and attached to them.  That is one way to get to know your ancestors.  Sister Hunt has been writing stories that she knows about her ancestors and attaching them to individuals.

We have learned so much about ourselves, the church, Family Search Center, Family Tree and about our current mission.  We thank the Lord for it all.  Remember that we love you and thank you for all you do for us.  Thank you for your prayers.

We have done a slideshow for you from some of this week's activities.

So far each week we have been able to take family names to the temple.

We truly enjoyed our visit
with President & Sister Jones
on Tuesday. 


The church flew us to Los Angles to the Finnish Consulate.  We landed at LAX.  An all day event.

Behind Sister Hunt beyond the green light is the Finnish Consulate under secured locked doors with no windows.  Elder & Sister Hunt waiting for their appointment in front of the Finnish Consulate building.  

This is the Assembly Hall on Temple Square where we have our mission conference every month. It is also a building that is most photographed by the Asian visitors.  It is a very unique building.
The Salt Lake Temple is very beautiful no matter what time of the day it is.  This is an evening view.

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