Sunday, August 9, 2015

Another Week of Training at F&CHHM

We are still enjoying the security of Family & Church History Headquarters Mission in Salt Lake. Security means there are 1100 missionaries walking to and coming from their work-sites on and near Temple Square. It is the most awesome sight. It is even more exciting when you are a part of that group. We are getting to know our way around the mission campus. There is an endless number of jobs that the missionaries do.

Friday was our "Go Forth" exercises which means that it was like a mini graduation from our basic training. The day before, on Thursday, we were interviewed by each of our Mission Presidency and their wives. It was kind of scary but we did fine. Then on Friday as a part of Go Forth we were given our new work assignment. After training for two weeks we are now trained with the basics for Family Search. With the help of the Holy Ghost we feel we can Go Forth even though we are still scared. We have been assigned to the Family Search Center where families/tourists from all walks of life are welcome to learn about their ancestors through modern technologies. The place is a fun place for young children, teens and their parents, grandparents and friends to try out the Discovery Station or computer lab.

In the Discovery Station you check out an iPad and login. Then you plug it into a port where you learn about your name, what it means, where it comes from, how many registered in the world by that name and also how many in the United States by that name. It tells you lots of information about your name. It tells you who some of the famous people whose name is like yours. It also tells you what things were invented during your birth year and what the prices of things were. You can also go into a lab where you can find out where your ancestors come from and what percentage your lineage is from that nationality. You also get to write your personal history, the highlights of your life up to the present time. Every one has interesting story to tell about themselves. Even if it is just telling about your likes and dislikes. You also go to a station where you take a photo of yourself in the traditional dress of where your ancestors come from, for example if your ancestors come from Denmark you get to take a picture standing behind a painting of a Danish man or woman with your head showing on the picture dressed in Danish outfit. At every station you plug in your ipad and you get to do the things that station is designed to do to help you learn who you are and where you come from. It's really fun and you can take as long as you want at the Discovery Station.

That is one of the learning labs at our work site. This and other labs which include Family Tree will keep us busy. It will be fun and interesting to see who all we can help at our new assignment.

Elder Hunt has been helping members who are not missionaries on solving problems with their Family Tree. This is the program we have been trained on. We are still learning new things every day. We also need to practice what we've learned as often as we can so it is always fresh in our minds. Our mission let's us practice with our own families on Family Tree daily. There are so many spiritual things going on that it is impossible to keep tract of every single one of them. There are also temple experiences. We get to to to the temple twice or more a week.

We truly appreciate our families and friends and their prayers and support. Thank you very much. We pray the Lord to watch over you and protect you. We send our love to you all.

Elder Hunt & Trainer Sister Mallon

Sister Hunt & Trainer Sister Litchfield

Sister Hunt presenting Navajo traditions to FHE group.

The temple is surrounded by huge towers but it is still the most powerful.

No matter what angle you view the temple it is still magnificent.

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