Monday, September 26, 2016

The Visits

Though our photos we want to show you the places we have visited in the month of September as we traveled around throughout beautiful Finland doing our assignment in missionary apartment inspections. Then we'll show the highlight of our children's visit from America. Our son Blaine and daughter Tara came to visit us over the weekend of the 16th. It was like a wonderful dream come true. It was a short visit, but we squeezed some choice experiences into it. We captured some of them in our photos. We loved their visit. We appreciate their families for letting them come. The gospel of Jesus Christ is all about families because His plan for us to have eternal families. We love our children, our siblings, our parents, our grandparents and all whom we call family.
We stayed in a very quaint and elegant hotel from the 80's.
This very large old church in Turku was built in 1300.
These beautiful decorative berry trees grow everywhere.
Elder Hyer and Elder Farkas had a
Mini (youth) Missionary for one week.
Another one of the churches we found in our travels.
A beautiful cemetary with only live flowers or plants.
A very beautiful stained glass mosiac window
at a church in Mikkeli.
Mikkeli Church that we toured on our way to Zone Training.

The other beautiful stained glass window.
Every square has a story or meaning.
Missionaries in our District in front of the church
that we toured.

Huge Turku Castle from its courtyard.
A wooden windmill in the field.


The huge old, old church that can be seen from any direction.

Arrivial of our daughter and son from America
at Joensuu Airport. 
All together at the airport.
A visit to the open market at the town's square.

Tara's dream came true-We visited the
Savonlinna Castle and toured it together.

From the Savonlinna Castle upper round window.
Visited piles of logs ready to be loaded on to trucks.
Visited a WWII Bunker (now Museum) with
machine-gun domes on display.
One of the two-man machine gun dome with cap. 
Tara and Blaine with beautiful Orthodox Church
in the background.
Faithful church members after Sunday morning worship.
Tara and Blaine boarding the plane for their
return flight to America!

Sister Hunt holding her birthday flowers
and her special guests.
Elder Farkas and Elder Hyer traveling on a train.
Elder Hyer arrived with Elder Leetham (with eyeglasses)
 who is brand new from MTC. 
Elder Leetham and Elder Hyer on their way to their appartment.
Our children's visit truly was a visit to remember!