Monday, August 10, 2015

Beginning A New Week At The Family History Library

Even though this looks somewhat like a European city with its cobblestone street, it's not Helsinki, Finland.  Just wishful thinking.  We are still in Salt Lake City.  Trax is turning left on South Temple.

We have started training at the Family History Library.  Today we took lots of tours and several classes.  Every morning we start our day with a 30 minute devotional.  This morning it was an hour because the new missionaries who arrived from MTC were introduced.  We are not new but we will be training with this group.  We went to our Mission Presidency's luncheon.  The mission has this event for all the arriving new full-time missionaries.  We missed it last month so we were invited to go with them today.  We enjoyed a nice fancy meal and a wonderful visit with the Mission's First Counselor and his wife, President and Sister Oliver. We sat at their table along with other new missionary couples and single sisters.

We have been walking every day to the State Capital building.  The first time we went there we went inside and looked around.  It is a beautiful building.  There are always lots of visitors there.  Elder Hunt has been to the State Capital building on number of occasions for his state meeting when he was the Vice President for Applied Technology College.

The west side of the State Capital building.

All day, every day we associate with good people.  It is a blessing to be in this spiritual setting.
We send our love.