Friday, July 24, 2015

Family History Mission in SLC

This is the end of our third week serving our mission. We made many new friends from all walks of life at the MTC.  We became good friends with Elder and Sister Kira, who live in Hawaii, but who have now left to serve in their home country of Japan.


Jeanne, who lives in Orem, and Jon, who was in the area visiting family, drove us from the MTC to Salt Lake last Thursday. It was great to visit with family on the way over. They first took us shopping at Harmons for the basics: eggs, milk, cereal, butter, bread, apples, and salad. Oh, bottled water for Lucille, Sister Hunt.

We now live in an apartment very close to Temple Square in Salt Lake City, UT.  It is a furnished apartment. The mission has given us a mission starter kit: pots and pans, plates, silverware, drinking glasses, bedding, towels and some soap.  Our temporary assignment mission is the Family & Church History Headquarters Mission. Everyone here is very nice and kind to us.We love our mission and it is teaching us what is means to be without the luxuries of a normal life.

We have been getting to know our way around by walking everywhere. Most things that we need including our work-site are in walking distance. There are so many young and senior missionaries who work on Temple Square. So many young sister missionaries are assigned to greet and give tours on Temple Square (we love seeing the name tags which include flags from their native country). Some senior couples are also assigned to give tours, others work at the Family History Library, some work with us in Data Corrections in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Still others work in other church buildings. Many young elders are also assigned to Family Search within the different buildings. This place is huge and zillions of jobs for the missionaries. Family Search is an exciting place to work. We have been on the Family Search website learning and exploring our jobs. Next week we will be training on different programs. It will be exciting and interesting. We are looking forward to it.

Today is the 24th, Pioneer Day. Happy Pioneer Day to all! We are grateful for our pioneer ancestors who gave their all to establish their families in safe places where they can worship God as they please. There are many great stories of our ancestors that we can share with our children so they too can pass them on to their children. The restored gospel of Jesus Christ has made it possible for stories to be recorded and stored for generations to come. That is one of the missions of Family History.

We are still waiting for our visas. We are told that the Finish Mission is doing all they can to get our visas approved. Thank you for your love and prayers. We love you very much.

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