Friday, July 10, 2015

4th Day at MTC

Guess what today is Thursday, July 9th, 2015. We are happy to be at MTC.  In just a few days we have learned so much.  Today we taught a sweet elderly Mexican lady from Orem.  She wants to be baptized but she enjoys her coffee with her bowling friends.  She has lots of fears about getting baptized.  Doesn't want to be alienated from her active friends. She doesn't want to stop bowling because they bowl on Sundays. We taught her about the Book of Mormon. She has been reading it and is about half way through. Heavenly Father will bless her if she would pray to know if what she is reading is true. She said she would pray about it. We invited her to go with us to our ward baptism. She agreed to come.  She also offered the opening prayer. She is well on her way to baptism. The past missionaries were teaching her.  This was a mock teaching with a real investigator playing her former life before their baptism. It seemed so real. We had a good teaching experience with her.

It was a really good day.  We have excellent returned missionary teachers. They are the best.

Our District couples L-R; The Battys, The Bigelows,
The Udalls, The Hunts and Sister Esplin our teacher.

Our District couples with our teacher Sister Ricks.

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