Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Time Flew In July

Many times we have said that Finland is just like a national park where everything is so beautiful and green. There are so many activities and events happening all around. It all happens with summer tourists, summer birds, summer sports on the river, summer open market, school children enjoying summer activities, missionary transfers, referrals for the missinaries, missionaray dinner appointments and in the midst of all of this the missionaries get to contact many people who are visiting from around the world. We are grateful for God's creation in this part of the world. We love Finland and the Finnish people.

Just 50 miles due east of here by sea is Sweden.


Seldom do you see the old traditional hay stacks drying in the fields any more.
It's been fun to watch these baby seagulls, Ashley & Harry, grow into adults and fly away.
Elder Allen transferring out at 5:45 AM
Every nine weeks we help one of our missionaries transfer out and another one transfers in. We love every one who has come to Joensuu and worked so diligently with the people here. We are always sad to see them go but happy to have known them. It is a joy to work with each of them. This time it was Elder Allen who transferred out and Elder Hyer transferred in. Elder Farkus has truly been blessed being companions with both of these two choice Elders. There are also other new missionaries in our Kuopio District that we get to meet with every week. Then once a month we get to meet with our East Zone where there are more new missionaries. No matter where they are or who they are we truly love them. We are grateful to the parents of these wonderful and hard working missionaries who have the full support of their families. They have been trained so well at home. These young missionaries love the Finnish people. They teach the gospel in the Finnish language, which is one of the hardest languages in the world. We are very blessed to work with them.

Elder Hyer transferring in at 4:40 PM           
Sister Christensen, Sister Hunt, & Sister Bradbury
Elder Allen & Elder Farkas

Elder & Sister Hunt with the Branch President and his wife, Jarmo & Tarja Kinnunen


We have truly enjoyed the summer season. The month of July has given us some very warm days but mostly rainy days. Lightening and thunder are very gentle here. We try to keep healthy by watching what we eat. The Finnish ice cream is so good and creamy. It is almost always served as the dessert at the dinner appointments we get invited to. 

Thank you family and friends for your support in every way. We feel your prayers. It gives us strength and energy to do the Lord's work. We love you. You are in our prayers. May the Lord bless you in all you do.


  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of Finland. I am Norma Maddens granddaughter and my son Vanhin Bowden is currently serving in Hameenlina. I hope he gets a chance to meet you.

    1. All of Southern Finland and Eastern Finland will be meeting together in Helsinki in a couple of weeks for a day of training. We will make a special effort to find him. :)