Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Days of May are Flying By

We love our Mission.
The month of May is flying by all too fast. Many eventful things have happened of which we have captured some with photos and some with stories only. The sun shines for a few days to green things up then the rain comes and waters the green plants and trees. The seagulls are still coming to visit the river when there is low activity of boats and canoes. We love watching everything that happens outside our living room window. There is never a dull moment.

Getting ready for eye surgery.  
Elder Hunt & visortors after surgery.
 One of the reasons why we have been watching a lot of the things going on outside our window is because Elder Hunt had eye surgery. We have stayed inside to help his eye heal. We are thankful for your messages of concern and get well wishes in various forms of communication. Thank you for your prayers in our behalf, especially in behalf of Elder Hunt. We have felt and continue to feel your love. You are also in our prayers. We love you.

The first day of  May is a special day. There is celebration that goes on everywhere in Finland. This year May 1st fell on Sunday so the people celebrated on Saturday night and not Sunday. This is one of the times that the missionaries are not to go out and proselyte. We stayed in our homes and got ready for zone conference.

We had a baptism. It was a special get-together for the little Joensuu Branch.  We drive the Elders to many of their appointments. Especially when they are further out in the country.

Sister Hunt's Mothers Day
Mother's Day was very nice day for many of  the members of our Branch. All the mothers received a rose. There was also an array of cakes served to everyone after the meeting.

Our mission has a missionary transfers every nine weeks which is when the new missionaries arrive from the Missionary Traning Center (MTC) in Provo, Utah, USA. Elder Scott was transferred. We wish him well in his new area. We know he is a hard working Elder. We are proud of him and sent him off with our love. We have a new missionary that we have only spoken to on the phone but have not yet seen because of Elder Hunt's eye surgery. Elder Allen is his trainer. We truly appreciate Elder Allen and all that he does in Joensuu as a missionary and a District Leader. He will be a great trainer.
School kids on a field trip. 

More kids on a field trip.

One day we found a truck just Sister Hunt's size.
So far the month of May has been so busy and it is flying by so fast. We are consentrating on getting well and stay healthy so we can enjoy more of the nice warm spring weather. We are anxious for summer to come, but it may not be very much different than how it is right now.

We want to close by telling you all Thank You for your love and prayers. They mean a lot to us.You are also in our prayers daily. May the Lord bless you and protect you.

Snail mail comes not only to our door,
 through our door. :) 

A peaceful looking country home.