Monday, February 29, 2016

February Tour with Pictures

Sister Hunt's Blue Ribbon Banana Bread
has made it's way into Finland.
Mail from home is extra special
in the midst of our busy daily schedule.
This is leap year day and we are enjoying this extra day in February. We have learned much and still finding out new things. Finland is a beautiful country with beautiful people. We want to share some pictures and take you on a tour of some exciting things that happened in February.

Beautiful and Peaceful Helsinki Temple
Valentine's Day is called friendship day. We visited many friends. We helped members move. We assisted the Elders in teaching investigators. We taught Institute. We held Family Home Evening every Monday night in our home. We drove a lot on the icy and snowy roads. We gained longer sunlight. We have been learning more of the Finnish language. We attended the Senior Missionary Day in Helsinki and attended the Temple there. We made and served a lot of homemade treats. We drove to many places. We made many good friends that we will never forget. We love our mission and love the people we serve.

Nice day at the temple.
Thank you for your prayers, love and support in every way. Thank you for your emails, letters and packages. Our prayers are with you. We are very blessed. We love you very much. Enjoy the photo tour. :-)
Stairway to the temple.
Beautiful from every angle.
At the temple with
President& Sister Watson
Senior Missionaries 2016
Good company, good meal.
The best baked salmon
The best dessert.

Snow makes everything beautiful.
Snowy roads but safe.

Country scenery.
More country road.
Ski poles & a worn out broom.
Walkers ski everywhere.

People ride their bikes in the snow.
People ride bikes everywhere.

Train Station
Many travel by train.
Road into the City Center.

Mailboxes are yellow.
Elder Hunt mailing a letter.
A popular gas station eatery.

Looking across the river.
You can only get this rare item
in the mail from home in America.
Elder Hunt's Car Wash 
Don't forget to wash the wheels.
Playing patty cake with Sister Hunt
Winter birds in feeder & in the bushes.
Walkway snow remover.
It comes comes every morning. 

Logs being railed away. 
Missionaries on the way to
Zone Conference In Mikkeli

Missionaries walking from
Zone Conference
Elder & Sister Hunt with a
Friendly Bear in the country


  1. Wow, love all the pictures. Looks like a lot of fun and work. Just wondering, is the temple there in Helsinki a mini temple like Monticello's temple? It looks that way. Anyway, love you guys. Miss you guys.

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