Saturday, September 12, 2015


We had some dear friends visit us: Norman & Marge Lyman from Blanding, UT.
It was so good to see Norman & Marge.  
We took our souvenir photo with them at our work site.

Our report on this blog is to tell you about our activities on Labor Day and after.  We were visited by our dear friends and family at our work.  Norman and Marge Lyman came and visited us on Tuesday. Our other visitors since coming to Salt Lake City are Jon and Jackie, Jeanie, Idonna, Billy and Karen, Margo and Dan, and Jay Redd, Jeanne's son who is a dentist is St. George.  We are very grateful for their visits it helps us stay closely connected to our family. 

We worked all day Saturday from nine to five at the Family Search Center.  It was slow in the morning, but from noon on it was very busy til closing.  There were some guests who wanted to stay and keep working on finding their ancestors.  There were also others wanting to get in at closing time. We just invited them back next week after the Labor Day holiday.  We were closed on Labor Day.  

Sunday morning we left for Heber City, Utah  to visit Margo and her family.  We attended church with them.  Their ward is very friendly.  They are enjoying their new ward.  They moved from St. George about two months ago.  Margo invited us for the holiday to teach her about the FamilySearch program.  We worked on it for a few hours on Sunday after church.  Monday we dedicated the whole day to work on FamilySearch.  Margo was blessed abundantly in her husband's line with a lot of names of ancestors that built their family tree .  Our granddaughters, Brynn and Sadee are also very interested in doing genealogy along with their Mom.  We were very successful in working on genealogy with Margo's family.  She plans on working on it regularly.

It was so exciting to help Margo with what we have been learning in FamilySearch on our mission.   We are very grateful for the hours of practice she has given us.  It is fun and exciting to read the stories and see pictures of our ancestors.  We get to know who they are through their stories.  They had hardships and challenges of their time that we can learn from.  

We are also grateful to those who have called us with their family search questions.  We may not know all the answers but we do our best to find the answers.  We hope we can still go to Finland where we can teach the things we've learned in FamilySearch.  We love the things we have learned and continue to learn many more things.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is true.  We are all God's children and He wants us all to return to live with Him again.  We love attending the temple.  

We love our mission.  Thank you for your interest in our welfare.  Thank you for your love and prayers.  May the Lord bless you in all you do.

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  1. Sister Hunt, we hope you had a very happy Birthday yesterday! We have been thinking of you for days.
    Brother Hunt and Sister Hunt-we think of you often and you are in our prayers! We really enjoyed our visit with you two. It is so much fun reading your blog. Keep up the good work! you will have a very nice journal to look back on when you return. You fill us with enthusiasm and it feels like you are very near us having a nice chat with us. Blessings on your heads- Norman and Margie